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We are now working with latest Joomla 3.X. Our Joomla developers can also help you port your website from other frameworks to Joomla, keeping the functionalities and the user experience completely intact. Your end-users won’t even feel slightest change in the layout or the functionalities, except for the improved performance of your site.

You can also choose to hire Joomla developer from our pool of talented resource. When you hire a developer or User Interface designer from Cromosys you get an expert resource working singularly on your project. Our agile project management system facilitates faster revision cycle and smooth communication.

How Can Be Joomla Beneficial For You?

Joomla is most widely used for developing news portals, corporate websites, social networking websites and online forums. But the flexibility and scalability of it does not end there; it can be used to design E-Commerce portals, community or regional websites, job and recruitment website, hotel and restaurant website, and web applications. Basically, anything you want it to do.

Whether you to need to configure the available Joomla extensions or need to develop a new one from the scratch, our world-class developers can help you do it. We also facilitate you to upgrade your Joomla website and get the benefits from the latest release by keeping the functionalities intact.

We start your Joomla project only after identifying the needs of your target audience regarding the products and services they want to get from your website. This really helps us in offering you a more successful website with higher conversions. Our developers work on the overall personality of the site from an alluring design work to unique copywriting. We do not follow the development task blindly, but our professionals devote ample time to plan an effective layout for every single page of the website covering the website’s goals & required functionality.

Joomla Templates are series of files within the Joomla CMS that can control the presentation of the content, search and more. The template is the basic foundation design for viewing your Joomla website. To produce the effect of a "complete" website, the template works hand in hand with the content stored in the Joomla Databases Joomla templates our work is stunning visual designer of Word Press themes, generator of Word Press themes, and instant creation of fantastic looking Word Press themes.

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